Introducing… Rat Boy

As an aspiring music journalist, the ultimate dream is to write a review on your favourite musician, and I am doing just that by introducing you to the wonderful Rat Boy, also known as Jordan Cardy.

19 year old Rat Boy is a fairly new and upcoming artist, yet he has already been compared to the likes of Jamie T with the style of his music. His quirky lyrics and unique style have attracted a large group of people to his music, the numbers of which seem to grow everyday.

His most recognisable song, ‘Sign On’, has over 93 thousand views on youtube, and it’s understandable why. Not only is the song incredible, but the video that comes along with it is just as good. The lyrics that people say stick out most to them are “young, dumb and living off mum” and the most significant line of “it won’t be long before I sign on”. Whilst the video is very simple, it shows Rat Boy’s character and how down to earth he is. This video is one of my favourite videos because it matches the genre of the song perfectly, and it’s very comedic and lighthearted too.

But before he released ‘Sign On’ as his debut single, he had already released his mixtape, that featured this song and many others. One of my personal favourites is the song entitled ‘Sportswear’ as for me, it was one of the most catchy songs I had heard in a very long time. With the mixtape conveniently being called ‘The Mixtape’, it did very well across social media, with over 23 thousand listeners on Youtube and a further 18-40+ thousand listeners on his soundcloud page.


Moving further on into 2015, he has just released another mixtape entitled ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ which received a great amount of attention on its release, from the likes of Gigslutz and DIY Magazine, as well as all of his many fans. This mixtape is equally as good as the first, if not better. The mixtape includes songs such as ‘Ain’t No Phoney’, ‘Stick Up Kids’ and my personal favourite ‘Splendid Young Man’. It’s safe to say that Rat Boy knows exactly what music he wants to make, and is always successful in doing so.


When it comes to live shows, Rat Boy could quite possibly hold the record for the wildest gigs. He’s known for crowdsurfing and allowing people on stage, but his recent gig in Boston Arms on July 25th was on a completely other level. From my perspective through seeing things on twitter all signs pointed to the fact that hell broke loose, but in true Rat Boy style he made everyone enjoy the night by allowing fans on stage and making sure not to disappoint anyone with his performance. Aside from one girl being bitten and some others being punched, it looked as though most people thoroughly enjoyed the gig. And I for one, cannot wait to experience what a Rat Boy gig truly feels like.

And coming on to that subject, in September/October this year, Rat Boy has his own tour around various places across the UK, tickets are going quickly so if you want to grab one, you can find some at the link below:

As well as having his own tour, Rat Boy is also supporting both The 1975 AND Circa Waves (which incredibly, are 2 of my favourite bands). With previous support from The 1975 frontman Matt Healy, it was almost certain that Rat Boy would support the band. However, Circa Waves were a surprise for most people, and a good one at that! If you’re going to either of these gigs, enjoy yourself, and I might even see you there.

Limited tickets are also available for these 2 tours here:

Whilst being such a busy artist, Rat Boy also gains respect from his thousands of fans as he always has time for them. And if you look through his twitter, he is always interacting with as many people as he can. If you didn’t know he was an artist, you would probably just think he was friends with everyone he talks to, as he’s that genuine and down to earth with his many fans.

All in all, I am expecting that this half of 2015 and next year will be huge years for Rat Boy, and hopefully this is now the journey to him becoming a huge artist, as he has a raw talent that not many solo acts have at the moment.

If you want to find Rat Boy, here are the places to do so:


One thought on “Introducing… Rat Boy

  1. Hey Chloe, wanted to say keep up the good work. This was actually pretty amazing. Keep doing what you’re doing and be happy with it. Wishing you the best of luck but I’m positive you don’t need it because I see you going places in the near future. Thanks for letting me read this!


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