Crying Lions

And here I am, again, to introduce yet another wonderful band to you, (you can thank me later) – Crying Lions who describe themselves as a “four piece alt rock/indie rock/post punk band from Newcastle.” The band, consisting of members Ollie Quinn (in charge of lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Joseph Dowey (lead guitar), Michael O’Neil (on bass) and Chris Prudham (on drums) have already created an EP entitled ‘Rocket Science’ and it is utterly brilliant. Based on my own opinion I would describe their sound as sounding like a mix of Palma Violets and The Strokes, with a lyrical twist much like Catfish and the Bottlemen.


Upon discovering the EP, my first favourite song was Parasitica but when I eventually found myself listening to Hurricane, that was it, I had found my favourite song on the EP. The lyrics and the instrumental works so well together it is almost heavenly. Having said that, the whole EP is just incredible, every single song is just as catchy and rich with individuality as the last. The talent is pouring from this band and they will definitely be one to watch in 2016.

Unlike some generic bands, you can really feel the time and effort spent into creating each and every song they have released. I for one could happily spend an afternoon listening to this band alone. As well all know, there is an increase in the amount of bands that are appearing, and Crying Lions have the extra lyrical talent that makes them stand out from the rest, which is a unique factor that I think will steadily help them increase in the popularity stakes and bring them to be a huge band in the near future.

Crying Lions are already creating a strong fanbase (including myself) on social networking site Twitter, and my prediction is that come 2016, they will have increased that fan base by a substantial amount due to the talent and also personality they all hold. They deserve the attention they are already getting – and more.

If you want to find out more about Crying Lions, you can find them at any of the links below:


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