16 year old Oscar Sault and Ezra Young – aka Skin are the newest and coolest self proclaimed 90’s inspired grunge-rock band around. The duo are set to release their EP on February 1st, and trust me, you aren’t going to want to miss this.


The band, originally from Bristol, have been performing together since early 2015, and hope to make 2016 the year they really make an impact on the music scene. And with material such as that on the EP, it shouldn’t be a problem for them at all. After following member Oscar on Twitter, I came across the link to the bandcamp page they have, whilst there was little material on there, I was blown away by the talent and potential they hold. A few months down the line and they are almost set to release their EP, with an already growing support base, the guys are set to become quite big very quickly. There’s an official event for the EP release here:

On to the content of the EP and lyrically, all 3 songs on the EP are absolutely incredible. One of my particular favourites is the song ‘Fall From Grace’ due to the emotional depth within the song. Some of the particularly striking lyrics include ‘watch me fall from grace and make the same mistakes’ and ‘today has been alright but tomorrow kills me’ as you can really tell how much effort and time they have put into crafting the lyrics. It’s also, of course, very pleasing on the ear, the mix between grunge and rock makes for a perfect combination. If I was to compare Skin to any band, it would be a definite likeliness to some of Bring Me The Horizon’s songs. So if they’re a band you enjoy/that’s a genre you like, Skin are definitely going to be the best new band to happen to you.

The EP is available for pre-order on Bandcamp here: and I would strongly recommend getting it, you will not regret it!

You can find the guys on most social networking sites:


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