New Music Alert – Empty Set

Empty Set, aka Pete, Ollie and Charlie, are the next best thing to grace your ears. Based in Portsmouth and founded in late summer of 2015, the indie rock band are certainly beginning to make a long lasting impression, or at least they did with me.


I firstly went straight on to the Soundcloud link, pretty excited for what I was about to hear, and I was right to be. The first track I listened to is entitled ‘Doubts’ and lyrically it was magical. The lyrics followed the instrumental to make the perfect feel-good indie song. With a romantic twist, the light backing instrumentals sound almost dream-like, as if you could imagine yourself walking along a beach listening to it. However, one of my favourite elements of the track is that it picks up pace and also sounds slightly heavier towards the end. To me, it’s important that a song has variety in the speed and styling, so that it keeps the listeners guessing what is going to happen next, and in general makes the track more exciting and unique.

However, with no doubt, Drown Me is my favourite song they have released so far. With a summery twist, the guitar solos and vocals fit together perfect. It has some softer similarities with bands such as Baby Strange but also an element of Sahara in some places.

Overall, everything I have listened to so far has only made me more excited for Empty Set to release new material, and I guarantee once you have listened you will have the same anticipation as me.

The band have said they have many influences – including legends of music such as Bowie, TheĀ Beatles and The Clash but also mentioned some newer bands such as Twenty One Pilots, Royal Blood and Little Comets. One of my favourite things about this band is the level of variety within their songs and the musical influences behind them.

Performing alongside band The Bulletproof Bomb, Empty Set are also creating hype on the indie scene, and this is only the start. It is my prediction that this year will be the year they are the headliners of a gig, with others supporting them. Which is definitely fully what they deserve. It is evident that a lot of work and emotion goes into creating their music, and it comes across perfectly.

If you’re around any areas in which Empty Set are playing a gig, I strongly advise you to go – because you could be seeing one of the biggest breakthrough bands this year has to offer.

If you want to listen to Empty Set, or find out where to contact them, you can find all links below:



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