Jackals Rose – D.I.D

Back in October I posted a review on a lovely band called Jackals Rose, whom a few people have messaged me since telling me they listened to them after the review and are now fans – yay! It’s been 5 months now since I first discovered the band and they are only getting bigger and better.


SO, introducing the band’s latest song – Devil In Disguise (aka D.I.D) and being able to write about it is such an honour because of the utter love and admiration I have for these guys. I heard it a few weeks ago when the guys sent me the link and it’s safe to say I’ve listened to it an uncountable amount of times. I’ve always been a massive fan and supported the music they release but there’s something about Devil In Disguise that makes it my favourite of theirs so far.

If you’re a fan of all things Brit-punk crossed with Indie-rock then this song is definitely for you. Produced by Nick Gavrilovic and been likened to the music from similar band ‘Pretty Vicious’, D.I.D is an adrenaline filled song that will no doubt leave you feeling revitalised and energised. Lyrically, you could only describe it as a masterpiece, and instrumentally no less. The slightly moody undertones in the vocals contrasted with the powerful guitar, bass and drums in the back mix together for the perfect combination.

When I loaded the youtube video this morning the song had under 1,000 views and 8 hours later it’s now got over 2,000 views as well as nearly 500 listens on Soundcloud, and this is only 3 days after the official release of the song. Whilst it’s already known that the band have a strong fanbase around them, they are already raking in new fans because of their gigs that have been described as ‘explosive’ and ‘huge’, and with releases like D.I.D and previous release All For You, it’s no wonder they have such strong support behind them.

If you want to find out more about the band that are definitely set to explode on the music scene this year you can find them at any of the places below:



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