New Music Alert – Static

Anthony Taibi & Logan Baker, better known as two-man band Static from Atlanta are about to be the best new alternative band you’ll listen to. And today is the day they have released their debut EP ‘About Time’ and you do not want to miss this.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 20.37.06.png

I first heard the 5 tracks a few weeks back when the band (very kindly) sent them through to me, and since that time I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve listened to every single song over and over. But in my usual style, let’s start off with my favourite song – Capistrano. As a person who loves to listen to music as they fall asleep, this song is absolutely perfect for that. There’s an electronic alternative feel throughout the entire song that makes it simultaneously relaxing and unique. I’m yet to find another song that makes me feel like sleeping and dancing all at the same time, so well done guys.

Copper struck me also due to how mellow and reflective the song is. ‘She’s all I wanted on this earth’ ‘there’s a castle in the clouds, won’t you wait for me my dear’ are two of my favourite lyrics due to the raw depth and emotional evident throughout these lyrics and the rest of the song. I’m a sucker for emotional songs (especially those that contain the piano) and this is just that. Trust me, forget Adele, this is the better song to cry your eyes out to with a tub of ice cream. Or is that just me who does that?

I won’t ruin the rest of the EP for you as I’m sure you’re going to love every single song just as much as I do. And what makes it better is that it’s already out so you can find it below, right now:

What struck me the most about Static is that I was immediately absolutely in love with their music even though they don’t make the kind of music that I would usually listen to. And that’s why I love doing these reviews so much, you find so many great bands and also so much out about yourself. They combine alternative with a soft electronic as well as doing more mellow songs with the piano and suchlike.

If, like me, you thoroughly enjoy the music Static make, you can follow and find out more about them anywhere below:



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