Wylde – Human

Three words to describe this next song are: dreamy, serene and new. Coincidentally, these 3 words can also be used to describe the band as a whole. Chloe, Robbie, Monica and Jamie, aka Wylde, have just released their debut song, and it fits right under the indie/shoegaze genre as a whole.


Upon the release of their new single entitled Human, it is clear to see the dedication they all hold towards music. The song mixes shoegaze with slow indie to create a calm and dream-like atmosphere within the music. I would personally liken it to the music of that by DIIV and elements of JAWS. The hypnotic vocals along with the instrumental provided by the rest of the band work incredibly well together to create this hazy atmospheric gem of a song.

The song was released on Friday and the band have already began to grow a substantial fanbase amongst all forms of social media. The band have more material that is going to be released in the not too distance future, and are in the process of gigging to attract more attention. Due to the support they are already receiving, they are gaining popularity each day, and with releases like Human, they’re set to gain more and more fans.

If you want to find out more about the band or contact them, they are available at any of the links below:



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