NARCS are back with their latest single ‘Pig’ and boy, it’s the perfect way to kick off 2016. The song is totally jam-packed with energy, but when it comes to NARCS would you expect any less?

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 21.26.27.png

If you’ve not been fortunate enough to discover NARCS yet, let me tell you a little about them. Signed to Clue Records, amongst the likes of Trash, Allusondrugs and Forever Cult, Wilko, Joe, Stanley and John (better known as NARCS) are originally from Leeds and have been blessing everyone’s ears since back in 2013 when they released their debut album ‘Two Birds, One Stone Later’ (which by the way is amazing) and went on to keep releasing songs such as ‘RHS’ in 2014. Fast forward to 2015 which saw them perform at Reading & Leeds festival, Tramlines, complete an entire UK tour and finish recording their second album that is set for release later on this year (I am very excited, as you should be).

But back to 2016 and to the latest release, Pigs, which sees a mix of angsty guitar, bass and equally passionate vocals. The raw and dark tones really come through and compliment the vocals throughout the song. It is personally my favourite song that they have released so far, and with it being as good as it is, it’s set to go far. The song is the perfect anticipation track, leaving everyone more and more excited for the forthcoming album. You can tell whilst listening that a lot of time and effort has gone into creating the track, and it’s no less obvious in the music video that took them over 2 months to create. The video balances the lines between trippy and desolate reality with the weirder animation factor without overdoing one or the other. As a lover for music videos, Pig ticked every box for me, it had a strong creative element running throughout whilst being extremely unique and different. Two words that can also be used to describe the band as a whole.

If you’re already a fan of NARCS then I hope you can relate to the utter love and admiration that I have for them, and if you’ve never listened to them before then I hope this review has given you the incentive to find out more about them, I promise you won’t regret it.


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