High Tyde

* – I’ve always wanted to write a review on High Tyde, and it’s taken me almost 2 months to complete – due to the fact I wanted to make sure they got the recognition they truly deserve. In this time, they’ve released a new song, which added a whole new part to this review, and excited me beyond belief, as I’m sure you can imagine. – *

But anyway, moving on to the final article and I have had to reel in my fangirl urges to write this review, but it has probably been the most exciting to write so far, purely because of the utter love and admiration I have for these guys, and if you know me personally (or follow me on any social media) you will know how in love I am with High Tyde. High Tyde are a 4 piece band who originated from Brighton (also known as my favourite place in the world), and the band consists of members Cody, Louis, Spencer and Connor (who, trust me, are equally as talented as they are beautiful).


I first heard about this band through a random search on Google back in October of last year (it’s a long story) and it’s safe to say that google has never showed me anything better, and never will. The songs that have already been released are no doubt beautifully crafted, with a lot time and effort obviously being spent on them. The first High Tyde song I ever listened to was called ‘Do What You Want’ and it’s now my go-to song if I ever need cheering up. The fun-filled song is a guaranteed mood changer. However, High Tyde began the hype they have now accumulated back in 2014 with the release of the ‘Fuzz’ EP that holds one of my favourite songs: Mustang Japan. The Indie track mixes strong and powerful vocals with the incredible drums, bass and guitar in the background. The EP featured 4 very different, but equally as brilliant tracks that began to get people talking.

Fast forward to 2015 and along came the release of ‘Do What You Want’ that then made its way onto the most amazing EP, Glow. Glow, for me, is one of the best EP’s I have ever had the pleasure to listen to, and that’s mainly because of the title track. The whole EP featured very upbeat and mood-brightening songs, but there was something about Glow that made it my favourite straight away, the way Cody’s vocals match the backing instrumental provided by Louis, Spencer and Connor is phenomenal, and lyrically, the song is absolutely stunning. The talent of these guys is absolutely undeniable, and it’s only being proved further day by day.

Now, on to the most exciting part of this review – Dark Love. Premiering on Annie Mac’s show on the 18th February, the song totally took people by surprise in the most positive way imaginable. The band had released a small clip a few days beforehand, but it didn’t nearly prepare anyone enough for just how good this song was going to be. It was that good that Annie Mac even played it twice – in a row. As previously mentioned, most of High Tyde’s material up until that point had emitted strong feel-good and summery vibes, so to hear a more rock twist on Dark Love was unexpected, and definitely not disappointing. The ability to create such fun songs, as well as contrasting that with more dark and rock-infused songs, is unbelievable in my opinion, and furthers my argument as to why High Tyde are my favourite band, and potentially one of the biggest bands to break out on the music scene in 2016.

And the Dark Love video, oh god it is beautiful (and no, not just because of the members), it was everything all the fans wanted and more. And I personally love the new black and purple aesthetic they’re using.

I am aware that this review may seem extremely biased because obviously they are one of my all-time favourite bands, but I strongly suggest that you give them a listen, they deserve it, and they are so incredibly talented. And if you don’t believe me, all you have to do is look on their twitter account and you’ll see just how many other people love them as much as I do.

Much to my disappointment, I won’t be able to see them on their April tour, but if at least one of you could go, for me, that would be the best, the tour dates and locations are below:

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 19.54.20.png

To find out more about High Tyde and their music, check out the links below:






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