New artist alert – The Belishas

Bristol-based band The Belishas released their debut EP ‘Spectrums’ a few weeks back and it’s got me and many others going mad over it already. I don’t often like bands and their music this much after listening only a few times, but as soon as I had listened to their EP fully: I was absolutely mesmerised by every single song.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 18.05.32.png

With an average age of just 17, The Belishas have an incredible and undeniable talent for their age, and it’s only set to increase their status within the music industry. The EP came about after the band had spent the previous year gigging to gain (deserved) recognition. Being described as a mix between punk and classic indie vibes, the EP tests the complete spectrum (pun intended) of indie within the 5 songs.

A personal favourite of mine on the EP is ‘Alcohol Assassin’ because it captures both the raw indie instrumental with an equally as good classic british vocal balance. I won’t ruin the remaining 4 songs for you – because below is a link to the band camp page, where you can stream the EP or even buy it.

There are a lot of new and young indie bands around at the moment, but there’s something about The Belishas that screams different, and their journey is certainly one I want to be a part of. If you do too, you can find them at any of the links below:


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