Blue Valentine / Holiday Home

Sun-filled feel good duo Holiday Home are back with their latest summer hit, and it’s their best so far.

You may remember a few months back I wrote a review on Holiday Home and their first EP, and you may even remember further back when I wrote a review on a band called ‘Mirror Gorillas’. Well, Holiday Home is the side project of two members from Mirror Gorillas – Harry and Tim.

I’ve always been a massive supporter of everything they do due to the undeniable talent they hold. I was ecstatic when I saw they had released brand new song ‘Blue Valentine’ because I had no doubt that it would be a song of the summer for me, and it is exactly that.

The relaxed and feel-good vibes within this song will leave you feeling like you’re on a beach in Hawaii, and the vocals will absolutely blow you away. This is a definite for your summer playlist, especially for long drives in the sun.

If you like Blue Valentine then you’ll love their earlier EP, check it out here:

You can also find the guys at any of the pages below:




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