An apology.

It’s been so long that I doubt anyone will even remember me or this blog, but I’m here to state an apology for the lack of effort I put into keeping this blog alive over the last few months. If I’m being totally honest, life was extremely tough for a few months, meaning sadly all my hobbies and interests were pushed to the side and forgotten about. I was focusing more on not dying I guess than doing what makes me happy, and that’s sad.

But, here I am now in July 2016 feeling happier than ever with the best friends and boyfriend I could wish for. Things are a lot better and I am starting to rekindle the love I have for videography, photography and of course – music. Most people, understandably, won’t appreciate the love I have for this blog but it made me very happy and it upsets me that I stopped at all. Nevertheless, IndieKiddie is back and now the responsibility of school and exams is done, I can focus solely on things that I love, and instead of being a part-time hobby in between homework and exams, this can now be a full-time project alongside my videography and photography.

But anyway, thank you for letting me ramble on and sorry if you were relieved that I had stopped trawling the internet for new bands to gush about, but it was just temporary and service will be resumed again.

Thank you for your love and patience,

Chloë x


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