New Artist Alert – The Recoupes

Introducing 4-piece London-based The Recoupes. Taking inspiration from bands such as Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Libertines, the 4 18-year-old boys are hoping to make a jumping entrance onto the rock scene. After releasing an EP at the end of last year, they have just released their latest EP entitled ‘Anna’, and I am lucky enough to be reviewing it now.

Having never listened to the band before I was excited to see what their music would be like. As all good musicians know – there are many sub-genres to rock and I was intrigued to see which direction The Recoupes went in. As soon as the vocals started in ‘Drunk Messages’ I was already intoxicated. The husky tones to Alan’s voice were mesmerising and really added to the backing instrumental. I was happy to see that all members played as big of a part as each other within the band as it really brought the atmosphere in and showed the solidarity. The slightly slower rock-tones suited the vocals and instrumentals and I was pleased to hear the balance between both.

This was not the only good song, however, each and every song on the EP had so many qualities that I found myself smiling along through the entirety of each song.

It is my honest prediction that this band could be one to watch, with talent like they all hold, they are sure to be picked up. You may even call them a mini Catfish and the Bottlemen. Please check them and their EP out – I can assure that you won’t be disappointed.


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