Film Review – The Ones Below

So here goes, IndieKiddie’s first film review…

And to start of this new segment to the blog, I decided to review my latest watched film ‘The Ones Below’. Having no previous knowledge of the existence of this film, it was a really random choice based only on the ‘thriller’ category, of which it fit perfectly into.

I was slightly skeptical as to how I would feel about the film at the beginning, I found that it took too long to reach the main storyline and the acting was somewhat slow. Needless to say I quickly changed my mind once I began to see the story unfold. What caught my attention the most was the unique storyline and the way in which the director made sure the audience had several different endings and theories running through their heads right until the very end.

The plot-line is based around 2 different couples and their different experiences with parenthood. The thriller element is added by the tragedy that occurs at the beginning of the film, obviously I won’t reveal what happens, but this shapes the rest of the film and concludes the horrific ending that we see.

With the stigma around new mothers and post-natal depression, it is enlightening to see a male director tackling the illness. However, within the film this is shown as a negative, when actually it unfolds that the illness isn’t even present and has been used against the mother to make her look like she is unwell, when in fact she is fully capable of realising that she is being betrayed and manipulated.

Having never seen any of her films beforehand, I was absolutely blown-away by the acting talent of lead actress Clemency Poésy, she showed true feelings of anxiety and terror throughout the entire film, at not one point did I question her emotional connection to the role.

All-in-all I would rate this film a very strong 4/5 and urge everyone who enjoys suspense, thrillers and unexpected endings to watch this film.


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