An interview with Skin

Back in January I informed you of Bristol-based band Skin, fast forward 6 months and the band have now gained another member and are working towards releasing another EP. I had the chance to ask lead singer Oscar a few questions ahead of their upcoming single release.

As a band, how do you feel you have progressed from when you released your debut EP to the release of your new single?

It was a big move to bring in a bass player and this is going really well. I think we are becoming much slicker on stage and there is a definite vibe now to our shows which is a great feeling.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2016?

There’s not much of the year left now and we’ve already put loads of work in. Next up is getting a real response to our EP and putting some shows on towards christmas.

What are your memorable moments from your musical careers so far?

It was sick to play the Hay Festival and Bristol Harbourside Festival. Getting 1000 listens to our demo was a milestone. Playing the iconic Louisiana twice has been awesome.

 Have you got any future projects or releases lined up for the near future?

We are really focusing on the Darkwave EP to be honest. We will hopefully have some merchandise by September as well.

 What can fans expect of Skin in the next year or so?

More fuzz. More riffs. More fun.

Whilst you wait patiently for the next single, you can check out their other releases below, and on Spotify and iTunes.




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