New Artist Alert – Early Hours

I’m so unbelievably excited to introduce this next band – Early Hours. My excitement comes from the fact that I myself have just discovered a band that are probably going to become a real favourite of mine.

Let me tell you about Jake Bennett, Adam Rothschild and Benson Joubert. Born in Cape Town, South Africa the 3 guys have known each other since high school and subsequently formed Early Hours back in 2012. Considering they’ve been a band for 4 years now, I’m ashamed in myself for not finding them a hell of a lot earlier!

If you like indie, rock AND pop music you’ll absolutely love Early Hours. The band say they have drawn influences from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Two Door Cinema Club and Bombay Bicycle Club. The first song I listened to was latest release ‘Into The Wilderness’ and it’s safe to say that I had it on repeat for at least 4 hours. The upbeat tones throughout the song match the slight rock undertones perfectly. I would call this my song of the summer due to the summery vibes that just oozed out of the upbeat and slightly rocky undertones.

Moving on from the first song I found, I then went on to listen to another strong favourite of mine – Smells Like Summer. This song saw them shoot up the international charts, making them the first band in South African history to reach a millions plays on one single. This has to be one of my favourite songs because it’s an immediate mood changer, it’s a high recommendation for me.

Since winning the Converse ‘Get out of the Garage’ competition back in 2014 the band have recorded in New York and toured around Paris and South Africa. Hopefully, the band will make their way to the UK in the not so distant future!

I highly recommend that you check this band out and support them as much as I will be! You can find all their music on both SoundCloud and also on Spotify!



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