Album Review: Bastille – Wild World

After three long years, the wait is finally over and Bastille are back with latest album ‘Wild World’, and it’s lived up to every high expectation I had for it.

After teasing their fans with ‘Good Grief’ back in June, Bastille revealed that they would be releasing second studio album ‘Wild World’ in September. ‘Good Grief’ split people across the world, with a very eclectic vibe, it was released for people with an acquired taste like me. The second release ‘Fake It’ came about in late July and it won around people a lot quicker. 

But on to the main release of the album, which sees the usual Bastille mix of weird and wacky backing sounds amongst indie and slightly rockier vibes within some of the songs. After listening to the album in great depth, I found myself always coming back to ‘Blame’ which was originally recorded back in 2013 but never made it onto the bands debut album. They’ve vamped it up a lot and made the tones a lot darker and more into the rock genre but it’s absolutely genius. 

As well as mastering rock, they also have their signature slower rhythms in songs such as ‘Winter Of Our Youth’. However, I didn’t find there to be any extremely slow songs like they had with ‘Oblivion’ on their debut album. All in all it seemed that the band were going for a more upbeat and wackier feel through the majority of the songs on the album.  In my own opinion I think that they have absolutely nailed this release in terms of moving from genre to genre, they’ve left a lot of room for interpretation within their songs whilst keeping their signature styles by using vocal pieces cut from radio broadcasts and TV programmes.

‘Wild World’ is available to buy now and Bastille are also going on tour in October.


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