Aretha EP – Sam Butcher

If you’ve followed this blog since the start you’ll remember me writing about a wonderful band called Mirror Gorillas, and then about 2 members of that band starting a side project called Holiday Home. Well today I introduce the solo work of Sam Butcher, another member of Mirror Gorillas.

I absolutely adore his work because it’s different and it’s unique. He has an undeniable talent for mixing and producing tracks and he’s on the brink of releasing this new EP entitled ‘Aretha’. The difference with Sam’s work is that he mixes vocals from old Aretha Franklin records with music that he makes. Personally, this is a new concept to me that I really like. You see a lot of old songs being remixed nowadays but not many artists focus on one artists music within all of their own music.

My advice is to listen to the EP in order from beginning to finish as it seems to me that each song leads on to the next, creating a subtle pattern but a followable journey. Out of all 6 songs, I have to say that I’m torn between choosing ‘Daydreaming’ and ‘Keep You’ as my favourites.

The EP has been released today and I urge you all to check it out –


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