Artist of the month – INHEAVEN

After seeing them live at Reading and ranking them in my 5 top acts of the whole weekend, it was obvious to me that my artist of the month for September had to be INHEAVEN.

Having already listened to them a lot before Reading, I was extremely excited to see them already but nothing quite prepared me for just how amazing they would be. Not only are they musically incredible live but they also come across as lovely people, all of the members personalities were shown through the set which is something that I find essential in live performance.

Having already started to collect a large fanbase, it’s only up from here for INHEAVEN. I first came across them completely accidentally on Spotify after looking at Baby Strange’s ‘related artists’  and that was it – I was infatuated from that point onwards. It seems that it’s not only me who has great faith in this band, just a glance on their twitter page will show you just how many fans and supporters they already have as well as NME magazine classing them as “one to watch”. I don’t agree with NME often but this once I am in agreeance with them. If you like bands like Baby Strange and Yak, you’ll adore INHEAVEN.

My personal favourite song is Regeneration, which I have to admit I listen to at least twice a day without fail. This being said, there isn’t a single song that I could fault from any of their EP’s. Whilst they have a long-running theme of rockier vibes within their songs, they do have variety of tones and speeds within the different songs. Their latest release ‘Drift’ has been incredibly popular, and will probably be the song they are most known for at this stage.

So for all of the reasons listed above and the fact alone that I think they are 4 of the coolest people I’ve ever come across, INHEAVEN are my artist of the month for September (and probably the rest of the year unofficially).

As well as playing festivals and making music, INHEAVEN are also currently touring around the UK with Pale Waves. You’ve still got enough time to catch them through October so if you like what you here, you can find tickets below:


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