Artist of the Week – Howland

I’m incredibly excited to introduce you to this weeks artist of the week: Brighton-based Howland. 

I first came about Howland after receiving an email with a link to their latest single ‘Hide’ due to be released on October 20th. After listening to the song it was immediately obvious that the band have massive potentional. Having already supported bands such as VANT, High Tyde, Clean Cut Kid and Fickle Friends it’s safe to say that many others can see the potential too. 

My attraction to the band stems from the similarity to other Brighton-based band High Tyde, the likeliness in vocals and guitar makes it a beautiful listen with very upbeat and rocky vibes in the background. ‘Hide’ in particular shows the similarity in style between Howland and bands such as High Tyde. 

Another favourite song of mine is ‘Callout’ which can be found on Spotify along with the bands other releases. I particularly liked ‘Callout’ for the rockier undertones and the slight similarity to some of Arctic Monkey’s earlier hits.

Howland, as previously mentioned, are about to release latest single ‘Hide’ later on this month, but on top of this they are also doing a headline show in Brighton early next month so make sure you get your tickets to avoid missing out on seeing a potentionally massive band for 2016.


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